Studio Tour: Better Letter Hand Painted Signs

Will Sears and Ryan Adams both spent their formative years enamored by graffiti artwork and bold color, probably then unaware of how the art style would one day inform their daily work — and connect them to each other in a joint collaborative with their equally talented wives.

The story of Portland, ME-based Better Letter Hand Painted Signs begins with Will, who was born and raised in Philadelphia. “I grew up writing graffiti and painting, with strong interest in art and design,” he shares. “When an artist residency opportunity brought me to Maine in 2010, I discovered that Maine suited me, and made it my home. Shortly after arriving in Maine, I started a small hand painted sign company, called Better Letter Hand Painted Signs. One of my first jobs was at a friend’s new brewery, Oxbow Brewing Company, painting murals in their brew barn and signage around the property.” Will then brought on his wife, fine artist Tessa G. O’Brien, painter and muralist Ryan Adams, and his wife Rachel Adams, a painter. They form a collaborative of independent artists, sign painters and muralists who have worked with one another for a number of years and recently decided to formalize the relationship under Better Letter this year.

Ryan, who was born and raised in Portland, shares, “I began my artistic journey by emulating the work from my comic books as a kid, but when I received the Subway Art book by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant at age 10, my life became consumed by bright colors and bending letter forms.”

Tessa dips into many other creative streams in addition to co-running Better Letter with Will, Ryan and Rachel. “I have discovered that I thrive on the day-to-day variety! I have an active studio practice that I try to give 20-30 hours a week. I occasionally work as an artist assistant to a local sculptor, which is a fascinating window into the world of material and dimension.”

Rachel came to Portland from the Boston area by way of her printmaking degree, which she graduated with from the Maine College of Art. “My mother is an artist and art teacher and my father is a writer so I grew up with a huge appreciation for colors and shapes and a love for textiles… Applying pattern to multiple surfaces excites me and I loved the repetitive nature of the process.”

All of these unique backgrounds — each of them deeply rooted in creativity — results in a dynamic portfolio at Better Letter, of which projects include wooden signs, lettering on glass, vehicle lettering, murals, gold gilding and more. The collective spectrum of Will, Tessa, Ryan and Rachel’s collaborative work is undoubtedly the result of the group each nurturing their own individual art practices, and today we’re taking a peek into the respective studios of each artist. Tune in after the slide show below to find tips from these duos on how to successfully (and peaceably!) work with your spouse or partner.Kelli

Image above: Rachel, Ryan and daughter Zoe in their basement studio. “We had this idea that because we were having a baby we had to get a house and move further away from the city… maybe join a book club and take up extreme couponing,” Rachel jokes. “We rented a house just outside town when I was pregnant as a test run of what it would be like to be somewhat responsible for a house. It was a hot mess. The garden looked like Jurassic Park after about three months. So we decided to buy a multi-story town house and have the basement be our studio. We are still in close proximity to downtown and Ryan’s mom lives in the same complex (built-in childcare). It was kind of a no-brainer.”

Photography by Andrew Estey Photography / @andrew_estey_photography

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Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month and starting this week, we’ll be sharing a series of posts celebrating many of the tremendously talented and influential Black designers, artists, makers, historians and creatives that are and always have been a fundamental part of the creative community. I am always excited to work on this month’s content, but I wanted to take a moment to note that these posts are only a small part our commitment to celebrating not only Black creatives, but the richly talented community of all creatives of color.

Too often the accomplishments of artists and designers of color are limited to roundups and once-a-year mentions, and our commitment here at D*S is to always ensure that we celebrate incredible makers and creatives of color not just once a year, but every month, week and day. Failing to offer anything less than complete (and joyful) inclusivity is a disservice to both people of color in our community and to our reading audience as a whole. I deeply regret that this wasn’t a commitment I made from day one of Design*Sponge. But I promise that I will always work hard to listen more than I speak, provide a place for others to tell their stories in their own words, and will never forget that my experience is not universal and that it is my job (and my privilege) to use any platforms we have to celebrate voices that have not historically been given the same opportunities, access and support.

The worlds of art, design and creativity are rich and varied ones, made up of people from different backgrounds, races, ages, sexualities, abilities, gender presentations, religions and so many other identities. This month we are excited to focus on celebrating Black artists and makers, but we are also excited to celebrate Black artists, makers, homeowners, business owners and much, much more every other day of the year. And we will keep working hard to make sure every month we share the stories, work and homes of people who represent everyone in our community and all of their unique and varied paths to creativity, business and expression. Thank you for sharing your time and your talents with us — we are so honored to be a part of this amazing community. xo, Grace

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Fresh New Farmhouse DIY Projects and Ideas You Will Love!

It’s time for some Fresh New Farmhouse DIY Projects and Ideas You Will Love.  It’s fun collecting DIY’s and I want to make sure you get to see the new ones as they roll out in Blog Land.  So here is a great assortment of a Dozen Fresh Creations that every Farmhouse craves.  Don’t forget you favorite cup of brew…ENJOY!


Why not start off 2018 with a great DIY Live Edge Wood Desk…I love that you can put this beauty just about any place in any room.  Looking for a Writing Nook…how great would this be.  The girls over at The Merry Thought are going to share their DIY with you…so drop by for a visit.


Oriental Trading is sharing a quick and easy Antiqued Wood Crate DIY…just snatch up a plain wooden box or table or anything that is calling for a beautiful Farmhouse Finish.


Angela Marie Made is going to show you how to make this Fabulous DIY Wall Spice Rack.  You can give it a Farmhouse Finish with all kinds of stains…washes…distressed techniques and so much more.  Get the basic Tutorial and then…the finishing touches are all about you!


This is so fabulous…it is the quickest…easiest Farmhouse Style Boot Tray ever and Jamie from Anderson + Grant.  She is going to show you how to use two common items and together they become a Fabulous Boot Tray in a blink of an eye…let Jamie show you.


Come and visit Making Joy and Pretty Things and she will show you hot to turn those Candle Holders that you just bought or had into Farmhouse Beauties!


How cool are these Contemporary Farmhouse Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holders.  They are a fresh accessory that adds a touch of charm to your Farmhouse Bathroom.  Nomita from Your DIY Family … you can make one for every member of the family.


Do you know what every Farmhouse Kitchen needs?  A super cute apron for the cook! Katie from A Beautiful Mess is going to share her tutorial so you can have one of these cuties too!


Lucy over at Craftberry Bush has transformed and old beat up IKEA Moppe and mad it into the most Fabulous Farmhouse Card Catalog Planter…It’s love at first site my friends.  Drop by and check out the simple process…I soon need one of these!  


Sarah from Little Vintage Nest thinks that every Farmhouse Space needs a little Crackle!  Come and see her technique to add That Vintage Cracked Paint Effect to any piece you would like.  Loving her tray…the perfect accent and look.  Just think of all the things you could use this DIY on…Imagination…GO WILD!!!


Everyone is going to love this DIY because everyone needs a Perfect Bow from Time To Time!  Well Linda over at It All Started With Paint is going to show you how to make that Perfect Box!  Perfect for Wreaths…Flower Arrangement…Embellishments on so many other items and of course presents.  Every Farmhouse needs a BOW!


I am falling in love with these sweet Grainsack Farmhouse Lavender Sachets that Ann at On Sutton Place made.  They are so cute and would look wonderful hanging on a knob…or you can fill up a basket of them and place them in the Bathroom or just about anywhere.  Come and see how easy they are to make.


Every Farmhouse needs awesome Pillows and wait till you see the 4 different style that Twelve On Main ha waiting for you.  It’s a fabulous IKEA Farmhouse Hack.  She uses IKEA Dish Towels for all 4 styles…you are going to LOVE Them.


As always here at The Cottage Market we would like to send out tons of APPAWS and APPLAUSE to all of our blogger friends for sharing their talents and creativity with us!  We want them to know that they are appreciated and loved.  You are going to adore exploring their blogs for more outstanding DIY’s and inspiration.  As always…ENJOY & CREATE!

Want to stay in the know? I’d really love that! (((HUGS)))
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43 DIY Duck Houses Plans and Duck Coop Plans to Build Now

I love ducks. Do you have or plan to have water fowl as pets? Do you have ducks on your farm or in your backyard? Well, it’s winter time, so that means ducks need extra protection from the harsh weather that’s going to follow and in this article we have just the duck houses plans for the job !

Ducks are quite vulnerable to cold climate. They prefer hibernating and staying warm in an insulated shelter. Why not take this chance to to make your ducks and chickens comfortable this winter?

If your ducks have small hatchlings, they need security and protection from wild predators like foxes and wolves. The coops provide that security to your birds.

So you can take up a DIY backyard project for the winter, and make a strong and durable duck house for your precious bird friends. Here are some ideas you could use !

If you`ve found the duck house plans below interesting we invite you to check various other free woodworking plans, we have curated lists that will show you how to build a deer standbat house, tiny houserocket stovediy tree housecat towergaragefire pitporch swinggreenhousesmall cabinfarmhouse tablepole barn, rabbit hutchdiy dog beda playhouse, a chicken coopa coffee table or a gazebo.

Free DIY Duck Houses Plans and Duck Coop Plans to Build Now

1. The Repurposed Doll House

Making best out of waste is a very economic way to go. If you don’t have enough experience with carpentry, reusing an old or a second-hand doll house would be a very simple option for your ducks and geese. Doll houses are just about perfect for ducks as most ducks aren’t much bigger than your average doll.

A few touch ups, finishing strokes, wooden repairs can be easily done. And you’ll have your very own repurposed coop for your birds.



More details at

2. The Cob-style Duck House

A small cob cottage is very easy to build with natural raw material. The tiny size of this duck house makes it preferable for ducks to live in cozily, after all they deserve warmth and comfort too in addition to safety and shelter.

The temperature inside the duck house can be regulated using soil and stone. So the ducks, geese, or chicken don’t feel awfully warm in summers or chilly in winters. The grass thatched roof gives it a very natural feel.


More details at 

3. The Barn Coop and Run

How about adding a little farm theme to your chicken and duck coop house? If you have a lot of birds around on your farm house, you could definitely use this idea to house them.

The barn house is quite huge, with multiple levels for both chickens and ducks. The netted enclosed run gives a space big enough for the birds to roam around. So if you’re interested in letting your carpentry experience show, this is a very fine design.


More details at

4. The Triangular Ark Duck House

Are you looking for a duck house design which isn’t difficult to build? This design is something quite unique, different than most traditional duck houses. It follows the easy A-Frame construction technique, so building or replicating this design is not a time consuming task.

This duck house built in a triangular shape can fit in a small space, yet it seems comfortable for birds. The roof is sturdy enough to shelter your winged friends from harsh rains and snow and the extra space in the ceiling helps in air circulation with warmer air accumulating above and heating efficiently. It is available for purchase, and has a hatch on the side for effortless cleaning.


More details at

5. The Round Roof Duck House

This design offers a very modern look for the duck house. It also seems like it would need less wood than other coops because this design has a metal sheet used for the roof. Metal sheets also remove the risk of rot for the wood or a termite infestation.

It also has a small running space outside the roofed area covered with nets, for extra protection for your ducks and chickens.

This is an easy DIY project, but it can also be purchased. I’d suggest you go for the former option as it is more fulfilling to build a house with your own hands for your little feathery friends.


More details at 

6. The Cabin Duck House

Country houses or cabins can be quite comfortable for your birds just like they are for us humans. Now you can build your ducks a coop resembling a country house on your own.

It’s a very easy to build backyard project but can be time consuming if you don’t have enough carpentry experience. It’s spacious and high enough for the ducks to fly and roam around. You could also build it next to a pond for your birds.

Additionally, if you’re looking for providing your feathery friends with some extra comfort and are willing to put more efforts and risk exhaustion, then you could dig a deep moat around the duck house and fill it with water, connecting it to the pond via a canal.

Sure, it sounds tiresome, but it can also be quite fun an exercise and in the end, when the moat is ready and your ducks fly into it at ease, you can look at it and feel like it was worth the effort. But, of course, this is merely a bonus.


More details at

7. The Hotel Coop

This is a very innovative and cute design for your duck house. It follows the western inn theme for the interior and exterior decor. This idea adds a little character to an otherwise unassuming coop. Perhaps, with this theme running, you can name the ducks after heroes and villains from famous Westerns and when they brawl, you get to have fun witnessing them fight, though there is no gunslinging involved.

‘Eggcelsior’ sounds like a cool name for the hotel, and the rates put out on a board are quite funny.

It looks quite spacious for fifteen to twenty ducks or chickens. The entire construction procedure is given in the link with visual step-by-step aids, which is of course a great aid when following a how-to guide.


More details at

8. The Simple English Duck House

This duck house follows the traditional duck house building technique. It’s a miniature simple looking shed house, but you can modify it in a lot of ways.

Adding a splash of color on it can change the entire look of a simple decor and make it stand out against the surroundings. Doesn’t it look pretty against the frozen background?


More details at 

9. The A-Frame Playhouse

The A-Frame houses are one of the older and traditional designs that still set the trend today. They can be modified and redesigned easily – paints, metal, glass, repurposed wood, and so much more. And they work not only for houses for humans, but for our animal friends too. From kennels to pens, they are popular amongst all kinds of residents.

An A-frame playhouse which is repurposed for ducks can be kept well ventilated with windows and doors and the vaulted ceiling ensures good air circulation and extra space to fly inside. Enclosing the duck house with nets can assure you that the birds don’t escape.


More details at

10. The Poolside Duck House

As the name suggests, this duck coop has a private attached pond inside an enclosure for ducks. This helps them during colder temperatures and it is also easier for ducks to wade in. The duck house seems simple, with a cubic room and four-way slanting roof. It’s raised high from ground with a ramp for the duckies. Seems cute, doesn’t it?


More details at 

11. The Modern DIY Playhouse

Now this idea is quite clever. It’s a small minimalist wooden shack, but really cozy inside. The windows are made from plexiglass for protection, but the placement allows a lot of sunlight to enter the room.

The barn door gives a nice vintage look to the contrasting modern built of the coop. It seems pretty simple and economic to build this from old wooden pallets. It can even be painted in your colors of choice.



Source Unknown

12. The Floating Duck House

How about building something off the land? If you have a pond or a small lake around your house, you could definitely try this design for your duck house.

It will float around easily if you use sturdy wood, and it will be durable too. You could anchor the coop in one place or keep it floating around. The ducks will be happy to come home in their tiny lake house.


More details at

13. The Cottage Duck House

This is a very adorable idea for a coop. It’s similar to the country house above, with the framework of a cottage. It doesn’t look too difficult to build with simple tools and basic building skills. You’ll need basic cuts of wood for this duck house.

It seems small yet comfortable and cozy. It has a small ramp with cute railings on its either side, how quaint! There’s also an enclosed run for the birds to roam about.


More details at

14. The Rustic Pallet Coop

This is an easy design for an economic duck house. It uses old wooden pallets for construction. The best things about wooden pallets are the sturdiness, durability and the ability to modify them into something extraordinary.

It can look amazing as a rustic underground shack. The window at the top can make sure that your ducks get enough sun and air for their healthy growth. This is not accompanied with any instructions, but if you have basic experience with wooden projects, this won’t be difficult to replicate.


Source Unknown

15. The Simple Duck Harbor

This is another type of simple duck house. It’s built on stilts so you can easily install it on the shores of a lake. It can even be installed in your backyard.

It’s easily constructable if you have basic carpentry knowledge. Otherwise it can be purchased and redecorated to suit your style.


More details at 

16. The Duck Tractor

Duck tractors are a really good idea for sheltering your ducks. They’re low and can be kept safe from foxes and other predators. You can decide the size according to the number of ducks you have.

Adding a water tub inside, with a bird feeder, can benefit your ducks. You could use a lot of hay for the ducks’ nests and make the coop comfortable. Cleaning the tractor can be easy too.


More details at 

17. The Aquaduck Floating Duck House

This floating house is available for purchase, as well as a DIY backyard project too. The designers made it with the basic intent of keeping the ducks and their nests safe and away from the predators. The best way to do that is to float your duck house in a pond or a lake.

The base is made of styrofoam and wood which makes it lightweight and durable. The roof hatch can be opened for cleaning and feeding purposes. Over all, this product ticks all the boxes of efficiency.


More details at

18. The Lake House for Ducks

This lake house is quite a luxurious and spacious. If you cant afford to leave your ducks out unsupervised, they have enough space to run and fly around. It even has a detailed ramp leading to the lake.

The construction might seem difficult, but considering that youll be needing wood just for the framework of the house and stilts, it won’t be much time consuming. It can be covered by screening nets for protection. So if you have a lot of ducks or chickens on your farm, you can definitely go for this duck house.


More details at

19. The Pallet Duck Coop and Run

Here’s another pallet made economic design for your duck’s shelter. Pallets just seem quite handy and repurposeful for backyard projects like these. They’re also easy to assemble and install and can fit anywhere.

Like this duck house, which is fixed adjacent to the house. It has a small shelter for ducks, which can probably fit less than five at a time. It also has a fenced run, which can be made with pallets or pickets. You can add a small pool within the fenced run, so you won’t have to let your ducks out every time.


More details at 

20. The Simple Duck and Goose House

If you’re looking for a simplistic approach to building a duck house, this can be the design you’ve been searching for. It’s a basic cubicle made with simple wooden planks.

It has a slanted roof to avoid retention of rainwater and snow. It doesn’t have windows, but it has aint vents on the top to regulate the cold wind. The door is large enough, so it makes the cleaning job easier.


More details at 

21. The Designer A-Frame Coop

This idea is brilliant for a small or medium sized duck houses. It follows the A-Frame construction technique with some small window openings from the side or the top for sunlight and breeze. The rooftop is strong and sturdy, so the duck house is good for sheltering your ducks and their young ones.

I like the fact that the ramp can be folded in to be a door to the duck house. Using sturdy wood can keep the duck house safe from stormy winds and harsh weather. Painting the exterior in peppy colours will certainly add some charm to it.


More details at

22. The Economical Duck and Chicken Coop

If you’re a little tight on the budget, but you still want to build a charming and huge coop for your chickens and ducks, try this design. The website claims to have spent very little finances on it, but it does manage to look colorful and trendy for your backyard.

There’s no tutorial available for this, but there’s a step-by-step visual aid for the entire structure, so you can have judgement as to how to build it. The size seems huge enough to accomodate 20-30 birds easily. You can even fortify the entire duck house with nets.


More details at 

23. The Carport Duck Coop

This idea is quite clever and amazing. It has been converted into a spacious duck and chicken coop from a carport or a garage. The best thing about this repurposed coop is that it doesn’t need to be constructed. Adding screening nets can keep your birds safe from predators.

It also has a small shelter inside the enclosure, so the birds can take shelter whenever the weather gets unfavorable. You can add a small or a large pond inside the enclosure so the ducks can enjoy swimming, and you won’t have to supervise constantly. This design seems nifty and easy to execute, so you can try it for sure.


More details at

24. The Waddle On Inn

Here we have another thematic duck house for your little birds. It’s a simple duck house, but elevated on a platform, possibly to keep predators away. It does add a lot to the looks of it.

There’s a ramp built to it, which leads directly to the main shelter.

The decor seems quaint and pretty from the outside. It has windows with flower boxes and a nice wind dial on the top. It actually looks like an inn from the wild, wild west.


More details at

25. The Duck Hut

Another inexpensive duck house made out of a few wooden plywood pieces. I love how ingenious this design is. Simple in built and looks, yet safe for all the ducks. You could even say that your ducks need to duck and enter the hut.

It’s installed deeply into the ground so it won’t fly off with harsh winds. The low entry makes sure your ducks stay safe from predators, rain and snow. The roof seems high enough for the ducks after entering.


More details at 

26. The Modern Duck House

If you don’t want a pre-fabricated duck house, you can build your own design from scratch. Like this modern duck coop and run was made by a beginner, and it turned out to be quite a success. So even if you’re inexperienced with carpentry, you can give it a try too.

You may attach a slide door for the entrance of the enclosure. It’s more or less like the duck tractor mentioned above, but it seems more extensive, large and safe. It has a wooden roof on the entire enclosure.


More details at

27. The Floating Cottage Duck House

Here is another idea for a floating duck house. You can build it, or buy and modify it. It is a simple house, tiny but comfortable for 2-3 ducks.

It has a pretty decor to the entire exterior. It even has a small ramp leading into the water. The railings on the side are too adorable to miss. So if you have a pond in your backyard, this duck house will look really charming, floating around in it.


More details at

28. Custom Floating Duck Houses

This design complements the above mentioned Aquaduck Floating Duck House, but it’s custom made and easy to make it yourself. But if you’re not interested in a DIY project, you could easily get it built on this website.

The house is simply built with two entrances and a ramp from the floating platform. The roof can be detached for cleaning purposes. If you want to decorate it more to add color to your pond, you could paint it in pretty pastel colors as well.


More details at

29. The Cable Spool Duck House

Most people reuse cable spools after their intended purpose is complete. Cables spools can be really useful in backyard and DIY projects. This duck house is made of a similar repurposed cable spool.

It has been covered with wood from all sides, and a ramp is attached to it as well. There are two doors, one for the ducks, and one to make cleaning easy. All in all, this seems like a cozy shelter for your ducks, and doesn’t seem expensive or difficult to build.


More details at

30. The Easy DIY Duck Tractor

This duck tractor is quite easy to build and assemble. The variety from above doesn’t seem too sturdy, so if your ducks are especially vulnerable to predators, you could give this model a try.

It has strong wooden walls, giving it more stability. The roof is made out of wood and covered with metal, so it gives extra protection from heat and rain. This duck tractor does seem efficient that way.


More details at

31. The Simple Pallet Bird Coop

This bird coop is made out of repurposed wooden pallets and boxes too. It’s easy and simple enough to build, and it can fit in small spaces conveniently.

You can add splashes of colors, colourful doors and decorative ramps for some extra charm. This duck house is inexpensive and can be built easily with visual and verbal instructions.


More details at

32. The Ducks Only Coop

This is a simple outdoor duck house, easy to build and charming in looks. It seems like a place ducks will feel comfortable to nest in, or sleep peacefully. There’s even a side door for cleaning purposes.

You can build it on the ground or elevate it on a platform. Although if you choose to build it on a platform, you may consider adding a ramp for proper entry of the ducks. Adding fun signs like “Ducks Only” will make it look prettier. There is no tutorial available for this duck house, but if you have enough experience, you can build it according to the picture.


Source Unknown

33. The Playhouse Duck House

We often wonder what to do with a playhouse when kids grow out of it. Do you have such a playhouse sitting in your backyard? You can easily convert it into a spacious duck coop.

It has a human sized door, modified to keep ducks safe. And it also makes the cleaning easier. It has enough space for a storage and nesting too. So your flock can live in this shelter comfortably.


More details at

34. The Gaggle Duck and Goose House

This duck house can be built as well as purchased from this site. If you’re skilled with carpentry, you could take an idea form the picture and build it in your backyard.

The shelter uses logs for construction, so it gives a cabin look to house. It is also portable since it has wheels attached to it. If you plan on keeping it stationary, you can modify it that way. The human sized side door allows you to clean the duck house properly.


More details at

35. Enclosed Duck Tractor

This duck enclosure seems quite fancy, but is very easy to build. It’s enclosed on all sides with a door big enough for humans.

There’s also a repurposed kid’s swimming pool used as a pond for the ducks. The shelter is small but can accommodate around 4-5 ducks. The whole enclosure is covered with a metal roof, so there are no weather or fox troubles.


More details at

36. The Straw and Barrel Coops

This coop is another cheap idea for a duck or chicken house. Using old wine and whiskey barrels is a really clever idea. The wood keeps the shelter naturally cool.

The straw coop is easy to build from straw mats. If you find a similar dollhouse, you won’t have to worry about making anything. You can add hay and grass for cushioning and nesting.


More details at 

37. Recycled Water Tank Duck House

This was actually intended to be a chicken coop, but you can use it to shelter your ducks too. It’s a bigger version of the barrel coop, and they have actually used an old metal water tank here.

With some pallet reconstruction, you can easily modify this into a duck or chicken house. Adding a ramp for the birds near the entrance will make it convenient.


More details at 

38. The Plastic Barrel Duck House

This duck house is made up of old used barrels. The video has a proper step-by-step tutorial. You can make the plastic habitable by adding straw for cushion.

Although it seems easy to build, it’s efficient as a makeshift shelter for ducks and chickens. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a duck shelter for a long time or in hot summers.

More details at 

39. The Duck Shed

This duck shed is quite easy to build if you have basic experience with woodworks. Even if you don’t, the tutorial to build one is quite comprehensive and simple, with step-by-step visual aids.

Using recycled wooden pallets and planks will make it less costly. The top of the duck house is covered with screening nets for better ventilation. There’s also a brooding box on the side for little hatchlings.


More details at 

40. The Deck House for Ducks

As the name suggests, this duck house is built on a deck. It’s an elevated platform resting on stilts, and there’s a small ramp for the ducks to climb towards their shelter. The deck is open from all sides, but you can add railings for security and extra charm.

You can fix a tub next to the duck house for your ducks to swim in. You could give the duck house extra protection by installing it inside an enclosure, but otherwise the duck house is not safe against predatory attacks.

More details at 

There are surely quite a lot of options at your disposal for building a duck house. From traditional coops to spacious A-frame cabins, fun and innovative themed houses to pool inclusive residences.

So how many of these ideas did you like? I’m pretty sure you must have had your own ideas popping up too. But hey, that’s the best part, you can modify these ideas as you like!

So get those tools out of the box, get your thinking hat on and let the imagination help you make your very own duck house.

41. The Quacker Box

This duck house is a very ingenious one. It can be built with the help of this easily comprehensible tutorial. It’s a duck tractor which is enclosed on all sides with a screening net. There’s a shelter and a run for the ducks.

Moreover, the roof of the shelter is a modified to a green roof or a mini garden with small plants and herbs. So if you’re looking for some unique and garden inclusive ideas, this could be what you’re looking for.


More details at 

42. The High Post Duck House

If ducks are frequent visitors in your backyard, but not pets, you can make this inclusive bird house. It rests on a high post, so animals won’t try to prey on the ducks. It also helps shelter these ducks during wintertime and gives them a much needed asylum and a lot of warmth to trudge through the harshness of winter.

The tutorial is very easy to understand and replicate. It gives proper dimensions for the duck house, and can be easily modified. In the end, when you build a shelter for these strays, you will feel quite satisfied, and not just with the outcome but with the purpose this task fulfils.


More details at 

43. The Wooden Crate Duck House

If you have wooden packing crates just sitting around, you can modify and repurpose them into a duck house. Packing crates are usually quite sturdy to withstand shock and carry heavy material. You can very well use this property of the crates to make a stabilised duck house.

You can make a small door to the side for the chickens or ducks. The crates can also be opened for thorough cleaning. Painting them with bright pastel colors can add charm to an otherwise mundane wooden box.


More details at 

Alright then! Now you know about 43 for most favorite duck house plans and how you can execute them to build shelters for them. Why don’t you go ahead and give them a try? Almost every one of these ideas is easy to execute and the structures you should last long if they are built the right way.

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Studio Tour: Botanical Calamity by Peaches+Keen

If you follow Peaches+Keen on Instagram — Melbourne, Australia-based creative duo Lucy Hearn and Lily Zielinski — you already know about the amazingly intricate designs they share that are created from found floral and fauna that they deconstruct and rearrange into beautiful and unique patterns. They recently opened a brick-and-mortar shop, Botanical Calamity, which is also their studio space that they share with painter Miranda Skoczek. Lily and Lucy had been creating their one-of-a-kind pieces for over five years before delving into a physical storefront. Peaches+Keen’s brilliance is in their materials, or rather the inspiration from their materials. They make jewelry, custom painted pots and “botanical artworks” which they create from found seeds, flowers, leaves and other natural materials. The pair explains that they take these natural elements and “Dissect into their basic forms and arrange into graphic patterns. These images are then photographed and printed. This process continues to evolve via various mediums — from paintings to patterns in gold foil on the earrings.” Incredibly — and appropriately — enough, it’s the style that they continued onto the enormous mural that graces the exterior of their space!

The building was originally an auto shop, and most recently a karate dojo, that Lily and Lucy passed each day on their coffee runs in their neighborhood. When Lucy suggested they get the space when it came up for lease, Lily realized she was actually at least half serious. With kids at home for each of the designers (and Miranda as well), it was important that they had a space to work independently and without interruption. Within a week the partners signed the lease. Now they have an inspiring creative space they can share with fellow creatives in Melbourne, and surrounding areas, and a place of their own where they can work and highlight local makers. Rebekah

Photography by Peaches+Keen

Image above: After painting the interior Lily and Lucy began on the outside, “Next we tackled the exterior — first painting a coat of blue, then stenciling over it with hundreds of shapes. We spent many an hour at the top of our 12-foot ladder with a can of spray paint and are so happy all the hard work has paid off. The building sits so beautifully amongst the trees and is a nod to the nature that surrounds us. Our studio name, Botanical Calamity, comes from our Botanical Calamity Artworks that inspired our exterior mural.” 

It’s Last Call for Macy’s “$10K for Your Big Day” Wedding Registry Sweepstakes!

We’re well into to the new year and that means people out there are planning for their weddings. We’ve seen many beautiful weddings here on Design*Sponge, chockfull of creative ideas to make the nuptials warm and personal. After the wedding, couples tend to settle into the “nesting period” and begin to create a home that suits both individuals. Having quality things to keep up that home is helpful. That’s where Macy’s comes in.

Macy’s Wedding Registry is offering $10K for Your Big Day. Enter for a chance to win $10,000 CASH to use toward planning your dream wedding. A valid Macy’s registry, with a $500 value, is all that is required in order to enter. What would you register for if you had $10,000 to spend? We put our wish list together below, but we want to know what you’d put on your list so let us know in the comments!

Image above by Simon Fieldhouse via Wikimedia Commons

This post is brought to you by Macy’s. All words and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors that help us bring you original and free content every weekday.

And don’t just think toasters — Macy’s is known for its one-stop-shop convenience for all things weddings. And yes, that includes clothing for wedding-related events like rehearsal dinners, luggage for your honeymoon and even wedding bands. Providing top-notch customer service has always been part of the Macy’s experience since it opened its first store on 14th Street in 1898. Rowland Hussey Macy foresaw the future of retail being “uptown,” so he smartly consolidated his 13th and 14th Street store and opened the new Macy’s in a richly-detailed Edwardian brick and limestone building at Herald Square in 1902. As fate would have it, the busy (and adjacent) Penn Station opened its doors in 1910 and the Macy’s experience was suddenly available and convenient to even more shoppers visiting New York City. It was here at the massive Herald Square store that the moniker “The World’s Largest Store” was born.

Image above: Macy’s Herald Square, NYC store in 1907; Irving Linderhill, Photographer from the Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons

Macy’s offers exclusive brands created for them by Martha Stewart, Hotel Collection, Crux, The Cellar and more premium brands. And, of course, they carry the covetable brands that are helpful for setting up a new home. Think Dyson, KitchenAid and Le Creuset. Some of our picks are below.

Our wedding registry product picks above clockwise:

Cusinart Espresso Maker $260

Martha Stewart Vintage Wash Sheet Sheet $120

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet $429

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer $475

Antler Hardside Luggage $300

Kate Spade Goblets $40

Kate Spade Gardner Street Dinnerware $139 per place setting

Martha Stewart Faux Fur Pillow $100

Martha Stewart Colorblocked Pillow $120

Hop over to the Macy’s site and pick out your favorites to set up your registry, then enter for a chance to win that $10,000 prize. Their Starter Ideas section is super helpful if you need an easy place to start! Setting up your registry over at Macy’s simplifies everything. They have in-store registry advisors who help guide you through the process and keep you posted on local events where couples can learn more about the entire wedding process. And once you register, you’ll get access to special savings in preparation for your big day. Macy’s even offers a 20% completion discount on all of your remaining registry pieces for 6 months after your wedding after your wedding so you can save on the pieces you didn’t receive as gifts.

Enter “Macy’s Wedding Registry Sweepstakes $10K for Your Big Day” here.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States including District of Columbia, 18 years and older with a Qualified Registry. Ends 1/31/18. For Official Rules: Void where prohibited.

This post is brought to you by Macy’s. All words and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors that help us bring you original and free content every weekday.

20 Ideas on How to Reinvent Your Terracotta Pots With Color

Finding unique and fun flower pots can be really hard and even when you find them they may cost you a fortune. So, why don’t you get down to work to give the boring terracotta pots an interesting look on your own according to your preferences and style? There are so many different designs that you can make with ease, you just have to grab some paint and some brushes. This is the easiest and the cheapest way to decorate your home with matching pots. Scroll down through the photos below and see How To Give The Dull Terracotta Pots Super Interesting Looks. It will be hard for you to choose a favorite design because all of them are more than amazing. Check them out and see what I’m talking about!


Is Batman your favorite superhero? Well, it seems that is about time to make yourselves your brand new Batman terracotta pot that everyone is going to love!



Even if you are not feeling very artistic there are some designs that you can rock as well. This dotted pot doesn’t require much proficiency. Just paint the pot in the color you want and make some dots here and there in the size you like the best.





By using lace you can give your terracotta pots a new and fresh look in no time. All you have to do is to stick the lace on the pots with glue. As easy as a pie.




Is the decoupage technique your thing? You can try it out on your terracotta pots too! Get some designed tissues and give the pots a new, colorful life.


If you have your small garden planted in the amazing terracotta pots, then this is the design that you should try next. Writing the name of each plant on the pot is really fun and even those who don’t know them will have the chance to learn them easily.






Color blocking is an interesting way to add color on this brown and dull pots, so use tape to do them perfectly. You can even paint the inside of the pot since a small part of it it’s still visible.




Even your favorite quote can be written on the pot and get you through the day. The daily motivation will be on your favorite pot and flower in your home decor if you recreate this design. What do you think?


What do you think about these these projects? Are you ready to reinvent your flower collection ?

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