He Turned An Old Window Into A Beautiful Coffee Table — I Need This In My Home!

In the world of DIY, one of the most common practices is taking someone’s trash and using it as the basis for a repurposed treasure.

More commonly known as upcycling, this technique allows DIYers to prove that they can take almost anything and find an unusual yet amazing new use for it.

Consider Imgur user needdavr1990, for example. This crafty guy took an aging window that was collecting dust in his home, and instead of throwing it away, he combined it with the remnants of an old fence and made a rustic coffee table that would make any interior designer jealous. His project reminds us that making our homes gorgeous doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

After discovering an old window from his college days, he decided that it could be put to better use by serving as the inspiration for an epic coffee table.

He began his project by removing the screws from old fence posts he purchased on Craigslist.

After taking some measurements, he cut the fence posts to the size he needed them.

In order to form a box shape, he cut them at a 45-degree angle.

Using clamps to hold everything in place, he began connecting the fence posts.

With the box assembled, it was now time to attach the base boards.

Then it was time to turn his attention toward preparing the window for installation.

To create a coffee table with built-in storage, our builder wanted to add hinges. Using a multi-tool, he cut grooves into the box to make space for them so that everything would lay flush.

After adding a door knob, it was time to paint his creation.

He tried to find paint that matched the original window color.

He painted the box using a chip brush, then gave it the same distressed look using a paint stripper.

To help the tabletop stay propped open on its own, he added a gold chain.

The finishing touch was attaching stylish steel legs.

You’d never guess that this antique-looking table was made out of a discarded window and some old fence posts!

This would be the perfect addition to any living space.

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